Adding Siding

The next step was to install the siding. I chose vinyl siding for its durability, cost and ease of installation.

First off, I cut the window holes:
Tiny House Windows

Next I wrapped the house with the roofing tar paper. It’s actually organic felt dipped in asphalt. I’d think dipping it in asphalt should disqualify it from using the term organic but whatever.
Tar Paper Wrapping

Most houses use Tyvek waterproof wrap as a moisture barrier. The issue with that is that I read that using Tyvek subjects a building to a greater risk of trapping condensation inside and promoting mold. That’s especially a concern with a small space as we have here. So I opted for a more breathable wrapping with the tar paper.

At the same time, I don’t want drafts so I went through and caulked the major seams in the roofing:
Caulking seams

After the wrapping was on, I installed the windows:
Installed Windows

And blocked in the wheel wells:
Wheel Well Blocking

I got all light blue siding so it would have a Mediterranean feel as well as not absorb too much sun to keep the cooling costs down. It’s more or less summer here in Texas from around May until October so avoiding heat is more a concern than collecting it for winter.

I painted the J-channel and corners white to accentuate the design. I realized that I should have just ordered those parts in white to begin with. Here, I’ve added the painted parts:
Painted siding frame

And then here are some progress and completed siding pictures:
Siding Progress

Front Siding Completed

Back Finished Siding

When I was nearing the top, I realized I hadn’t known enough about siding at the time to order undersill. It turned out though that the overhang of the rafters were enough to tuck the siding into. And then I’ll cover that part with some 1×4 trim.

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2 Responses to Adding Siding

  1. We have just purchased our trailer and like all builders are now in the process of working out a feasible budget for the build. I like that you used vinyl siding. I am interested in how it has held up and if you had any problem with it on the road (assuming you toted your Tiny House at higher speeds.) Let me know, please.

  2. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    We’ve only moved it at around 40 mph with no problems so far. The trailer itself is only rated to travel at 60 mph. I read somewhere that siding can withstand 110 mph so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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