Commercial Adaptive Reuse: Class Project

This post is the online assignment and project we were given.

The online assignment was mostly defining different tax credits available to adaptive reuse projects. For your convenience, I’ve uploaded it here as a pdf:

Online Assignment Burns

The project was to analyze a recent project and give advice whether the decision that a particular developer had made was the best at the time. The main hitch to this assignment was that we were given no budget parameters.

The description suggested though that the investors would not be willing to authorize any major renovations. Any suggestion for such may not be relevant then.

A couple of other relevant points:

  • The original project description can be seen on the professor’s web page.
  • We were told in the second class we didn’t need to do the financials but I had already done them.
  • One student had already gone to the site and seen they just turned it into ground floor retail (and thus not even remediated the flat roof problem).

The result:

Burns Foch Street Recommendation

Burns Foch Financial Analysis

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