Interior Framing

Now that the outside trim is almost done, I’ve begun work on the interior.

Here’s a drawing of what I’m working with:
Tiny House Interior Space Sketch

If you notice the top right is the bathroom. That double circle is the toilet. The space in the top left will be the closet. Between the two against the top wall will be the pantry. The bathroom and pantry will both have their own little windows. The breaker box will be in the closet.

Here’s the framing for those rooms:
Tiny House Interior Framing

The bathroom will have a swinging glass shower door and be totally water proof inside. It will have a switch to turn on the light and fan that vents to the outside. You can set those up on separate switches but for simplicity’s sake (and to ensure the house gets adequate ventilation), I’m making it one. I figure anything done in the bathroom would be better vented to the outside anyway.

Next, I’ll be putting in the utilities. There will be five outlets (receptacles), 5 switches and 9 lights, if I recall correctly. I’ll also be piping in water and gas. I spent about 5 hours at Lowe’s the other day just getting all the right connectors and supplies. And weather permitting (and World Cup permitting), I’ll finish the exterior trim too.

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