It’s Better To Build With This

I have another tip to share about materials selection but first this:

While the Tiny House Design Build program has sold at $97, I was hoping to get it into more people’s hands. I’ve been busy with architecture school and hadn’t been paying much attention.

I recently changed from architecture to real estate development and have time to stop and look at how things are going.

It occurred to me that most people who are interested in tiny houses aren’t so interested that they’ve already decided to build one. While the product is a great help to anyone in that category, I think folks still thinking about it ought to be able to get it without having to look twice at the price.

So for an undetermined amount of time, I’m reducing the price as an experiment. All the same content is now available for $17. That’s less than what the Small House Book is going for.

If you’re at all interested in lessons learned from an amateur built tiny house, this is for you. There’s even a preview of one of the videos there:

That tip I promised: I’d recommend using paneling for your walls instead of drywall. It might cost a bit more but you won’t be up at night worrying that it might crack if you move the house. Secondly, you’d be able to get inside the wall easier should you need to. Finally, it weighs much less.

Another tip: If you affixing the house to a trailer, do so with the idea that someone might want to take it off some day in the future. Secure it well but have a backup plan.

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