Raising The Walls

Here are some pictures from the wall raising.

The long walls ended up being much heavier than I anticipated so I needed help. I imagine that if I would have left the walls unsheathed, I could have raised them myself. The advantage to sheathing first of course is that they’re already square when you put them up. Once two sides were connected, they pretty much held themselves up without any additional support.

It turned out that the section with the front window ended up wider than I thought I’d measured it. I cut a couple of inches off and it’s still not a perfect right angle but it’s definitely sturdy as you can see below.

This was the walls as I completed them. The two long walls are on the ground to the right:

Tiny House Walls Completed

Here it is with three walls up and the friends who helped me:

Friends Helping Raise The Walls

Here I am attaching the back wall and one side wall:

Attaching Two Walls

Here’s that front window section I mentioned. My friend climbed up on it and could see the main house over the trees.

Front Window Nook

And here’s the view from the front:

Front View

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