Real Estate Busts While Tiny Houses Boom

Tumbleweed and tiny houses have hit Yahoo news again. It’s more about how living smaller is some American’s answer to the real estate downturn:

“The business is growing as the public becomes aware of this possibility,” Marshall said. “A lot of families are moving in with one another. A lot of young people can’t afford to move out. There’s just a lot of economic pressure to find an alternative way to provide for people’s housing needs.”


This isn't working out so well.

Read more here:

The tiny house movement is just getting started. This is what we would have been doing all along without the easy credit mortgages.

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One Response to Real Estate Busts While Tiny Houses Boom

  1. Asha MierNo Gravatar says:

    How do you do.

    I believe it might be a difficult time to get a home.

    The banking companies will not give loans.

    I hope it soon will change to a better situation as soon as the recession/depression is finally done with.

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