Relocating the Tiny House

I’m glad to report that there was no problem moving the tiny house with a full sized pickup (Toyota Tundra) that had the towing package. I looked at the bumper and saw it has a 5000 lbs. towing capacity and it pulled it just fine.

I was concerned because I know the trailer is rated for 7000 lbs. and we were pulling through a mulch driveway. Turns out the biggest obstacle was getting the tree branches out of the way. And then at just under the legal limit of 14 feet tall, the tiny house just passed under an electrical wire going into the new driveway.

Here are some shots from the trip:

We only went a few miles (still in north Austin) but it was getting dark by the time we cleared all the branches.

It easily backed into the new site. We’d already cut the two possible branch issues down earlier.

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