Tiny House Bathroom

There are more pictures to share in this post because the steps were to wall in the room, seal in the panel joints, finish the bath fan/light, install the door and install the shower.

The main thing I’ll say about the walls is to make sure you have the bead designs going the right way before you measure and cut. I was using FRP which is fiberglass reinforced plastic. It’s water proof and fairly flexible which is what we want for our bathroom. I cut it with the snips I had. The longer or irregularly shaped pieces I cut with a jig saw.

This next shot is the bottom left corner of the opening where the door will go:

Here is a top corner after I’ve sealed it:

The bath fan of course:

Starting on the door… I stuck to the detailed instructions:

I had to file down the bottom edges so they would fit.

I built the rough opening to fit the door exactly. Turns out you have to leave several inches of clearance above the door so you can install the top rail.

I had to take the top stud out and reposition it higher.

Here is the finished area with the shower:

I’ll build the composting toilet when I build the other fixtures. On to the front door and drywall…

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