Tiny House Contract

The buyer I had lined up fell through. During the process I drew up a bill of sale based on a few samples I found online. I’m posting it here for anyone else to use as a template. Of course check with your local laws and practitioners.

Unless another buyer steps forward this week, I’m going to re-list the tiny house on eBay on Sunday. The top bid was $4,700 (reserve not met) so I will consider offers less than $10,000 at this point.

Now that the weather is nicer, we’ve cleared the holidays and there won’t be a reserve, I expect the winning bid to be more than last time.

I’m still working on the plans. It’s going to be an all inclusive how to design and build your own tiny house manual. That’s what several potential buyers have told me they were planning to do instead of purchasing a fully built one.

Download the Tiny House Bill Of Sale

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2 Responses to Tiny House Contract

  1. hazelNo Gravatar says:

    What if you did a raffle type situation? I don’t have $10,000, but I would be willing to pay $100 for a raffle ticket and a chance to win a tiny house.

  2. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Hmm, so I’d need to find 100 people who would pay $100 each for a raffle ticket? I’m thinking it will be easier to sell 100 copies of plans. I don’t personally buy raffle tickets so I’m not confident I could sell that many. That’s an interesting thought though. Maybe someday.

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