Tiny House Design Build Video Workshop Live

I finished the ebook on how to design and build a tiny house. I wanted to include the best pictures I’d taken but realized that just wouldn’t be practical given I’d taken over 1,000.

So instead, I narrowed it down to the best 350 of them and made a video presentation out of those. I narrate exactly what I was doing and what to pay attention to when you’re on that step.

People had been asking for plans. I’d gotten a copy of the Popomo plans you get for free if you get the Small House Book from Tumbleweed. I didn’t think doing plans like that would have been all that helpful given I didn’t use formal plans when I built mine.

What I’ve included are my Google SketchUps – a couple of trailers, one with all the framing in layers and a few on different design options – where to put doors, lofts, how to place it on a couple of different trailer sizes. I’ve included other helpful diagrams and my hand drawings as well.

I posted a preview of one of the videos on roof framing on the site too if you’re interested:

Tiny House Design Build Video Workshop

PS. I also included my entire parts list among other items. Go check it out.

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