Tiny House Documentary Raw Footage

Jim Bruno attended the open house a couple weeks back and we talked about shooting some video for a documentary he had in mind.

He’s uploaded some of the raw footage – mostly the tour part. It’s on YouTube and you can see it here:

YouTube Tiny House Footage

Or click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f-Hx3OUh78

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5 Responses to Tiny House Documentary Raw Footage

  1. Lance CaykoNo Gravatar says:

    How interesting that this fellow was a former real estate agent?! This tiny house movement is really taking off. Very cool! We’re also working on a tiny house over @ http://www.blakestinyhouse.com/ Check us out and give us feedback as we are looking for a full online design collaboration.


  2. Annie SiemerNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Louis,
    I have enjoyed watching your progress all along and Thanks for the inspiration. Today is the first time I have seen your picture and I am wondering now if you descend from any Burns families in Ohio. My GGreat grandparents were Elizabeth( McGinnis) Burns and Patrick Burns who lived in se ohio. You and a cousin (Matt Finneran) could be twins. Anyway, Thanks again for the inspiration…I have wanted to do this for years and may just try now this year.
    Annie Siemer annie.siemer@gmail.com http://www.anniebsiemer.blogspot.com

  3. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Annie. I’m not aware that I am but I could see if my dad knows anything since he tracks our genealogy more. Good luck with getting started.

  4. rickNo Gravatar says:

    Happy 2011!
    Our stories are kind of the same, when it comes to having plenty of help at the planning stage, and then no one shows up.
    I am currently building a “WeeBee”. A Tumbleweed Tiny House.
    Right now I am on break for the Holidays. I have completed the yellow pine wood flooring and next is to rent a floor sander. Hopefully, the weather will co operate and I can tackle that task next weekend.
    Thanks for the video. It is help and inspiration.
    I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and went to high school during the 1960′s. One of my best friends, who now resides in Maine, and I in south FL., is named Mike Burns.
    Da Burns because he likes Da Bears. I am sure there is no relation. He would have said something. The Burns name is not so out of the ordinary. Burns Detective Agency!
    Maybe if I have a question or 2 along the way, I can ask you?
    I am a novice at most construction trades although I have owned my own swimming pool service business for the past 26 years. Also, I did just about rebuild my house after hurricane Wilma. Again, Happy New Year. rick

  5. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Sure thing, Rick. Just let me know.

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