Tiny House Flooring

I installed vinyl flooring that looks like bamboo. I measured the dimensions in 5 pieces:

  1. Loft
  2. Storage area
  3. Study nook
  4. Living room
  5. Hallway/closet

Cutting Vinyl Flooring

I cut them each a little long (1/2 in) so I would have room for error and could trim them once they were in place. Cutting like that gave me 3 seams to work with – two downstairs and one long one down the side of the loft.

Laying out vinyl

Then I glued it all down:

Glued flooring

All I have left to do is add the trim (i.e. baseboards, etc), paint, build the sink, toilet and install the storm door. I anticipate finishing everything by the first week of December. I’ll hold an open house at that point.

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