Tiny House Inside Skin Part II

I’ve finished hanging the drywall, taping, sanding and texturing. I sealed the gaps in the ceiling panels with a finishing tape they typically use for furniture. And I built the ladder that will connect to the loft and storage area. Here are pictures of those things.

You can see I used mesh tape that doesn’t require joint compound to apply. I also used the rounded bullnose beads to give it softer edges. Those need to be stapled down before the tape is applied.

Taping drywall

Applied joint compound (I did two layers instead of three because I realized I spread the first too thickly):

Joint Compound Application

I decided to apply the texture by hand in large diagonal swipes to further break up the angles for a small space:


The ceiling had gaps where the panels met. At first I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish that out. At Lowe’s they have this tape that you iron on to finish edges like desks and book shelves. I put it up and it worked great:

Taping Gaps

And then here’s the ladder. I’ve been using a step ladder to get up and down to the loft and storage area so I measured and replicated the angle for that.

Ladder construction

I’ll be putting hooks on the ends so it will snap into place on either wall.

Tiny House Ladder

Next I’ll be finishing up the floor.

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