Tiny House Inside Skin Part I

After we got the house settled, the door wouldn’t close well. Here’s a picture of the corner in question:

Door Corner

What I did was to take the top piece of drywall off and hammer a couple shims under the door frame at the floor. That raised it back up and now it closes fine.

Now I’m working on finishing out the drywall and ceiling. I’ve put in moisture resistant drywall for the condensation that tends to happen in small spaces – hence the green drywall. And for the ceiling I’ve used oak colored paneling.

I put in the nook area first:

Nook ceiling

Once I did that, the light wouldn’t come on. I took out the switch and used a continuity tester to find that the wire going to that particular switch wasn’t tight:

Continuity testing switch

I tightened it up and all is well again:

Nook lights

I’ve got all the paneling up and almost all the drywall up. Here’s what it looks like at this stage. I put in rounded corners to help the narrow hallway space:

Ceiling and drywall

I put in a utility panel so the water will be accessible should there be a need for repairs some day:

Utility panel

And then I waited until just after dusk to get some relatively dark pictures. The sun is almost set when I took this interior picture with all the lights on:

Interior lights at dusk

Next, I’ll be finishing hanging the drywall and start taping.

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