Tiny House Plan SketchUp Drawings

Here are some Sketchup drawings we did to give us a visual of our plans:

Tiny House SketchUp Front View

From this next top view, you can get a better idea where things are. There’s a loft in the back half (left side) of the house. The kitchen is top left and the bathroom is bottom left. The other two boxes next to them are the pantry and a closet.

Tiny House SketchUp Top View

This next one is the view from the back.

Tiny House SketchUp Back View

And this final one is the view right after you walk through the front door so you can see the loft.

Tiny House SketchUp Inside View

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2 Responses to Tiny House Plan SketchUp Drawings

  1. MartyNo Gravatar says:

    Do you really need the porch/vestibule? It seems to take the corner out of an already small main room. I suggest just putting the door on the exterior wall. (The owner can build exterior steps and deck and roof as inspiration strikes.)

  2. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Good point. I think it’s mostly an aesthetic choice to avoid a plain box look. The interior now has a little office nook and decent storage area overhead. I was going off the Fencl design. I think next time, I might get a little bit longer trailer (say 20′). I like the porch on some of the models such as the Lusby. I probably wouldn’t go for ornate railing but I really wouldn’t like a flat box. Maybe if I get into additional models, I could offer that. A survey that was done on Tiny House Design suggested that about half the people would like to finish out the major details themselves and so might be up for building their own deck out front. Good thought.

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