Tiny House Registration And EBay

The registration for the trailer the tiny house sit on expires next month. I went ahead and renewed the registration online which was $55 for the trailer.

If I weren’t planning to move it, I wouldn’t have needed to renew it.┬áIf you plan to keep it parked for several years, there’s no need to renew it each year until you’re ready to move it again.

For those of you out of state, I usually pay around $45 annually for registration for my truck as comparison.

I’ve also had several people express interest in the house but no offers so far. I’m going to go ahead and post it on eBay on Sunday in the motor vehicles section.

I’ll post the link here too but I wanted to give anyone who was still thinking about it a heads up. I hadn’t decided whether to put a buy it now button or not. I’ll start the bidding at $1 to get the momentum going. I’ll set a reserve at just over what it cost me in supplies.

Hopefully I’ll get at least the current asking price. It should tell me something about the current market for tiny houses. So far, it mostly seems to be a novelty and for people who want to build their own.

If you want it before I put it on eBay, make me an offer before Sunday.

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