Tiny House Rough In Plumbing

I took a week off of building to assemble a new scooter I ordered. Next was to finish up the plumbing and insulation.

First thing I did was to cut a hole where I wanted the drain:

Tiny House Drain Hole

Here’s the drain pipe assembly:

Drain pipe assembly

I attached the drain pipe to the 2″x4″ with a strap for stability:

Drain pipe strap

I fit the drain pipe into the hole again:

Drain pipe attached

And then I used another strap to attach the rest under the house:

Drain pipe under house

I ran some PEX tubing through the walls and put in garden hose sized male and female adapters with 1/4″ screw clamps:

PEX Tubing

For the water to enter the tiny house, I used a garden hose splitter. The left side goes to the PEX tubing which will go to the shower which is a propane powered portable hot water heater I got on Amazon. The right side has an attachment that will go to the line to the sink. I sealed all the threads with sealant for that purpose.

Garden hose splitter

… and bolted the assembly to some blocking I added:

Bolted splitter

Here’s what it looks like on the outside (after I sealed it up with caulk):

Water input

Then I closed both the valves on the splitter and hooked up a garden hose. Water flows through and no leaks!

Plumbing test

I originally was going to run a couple of different pipes and attachments together for the propane line for the shower. When I sized it up, turns out the included hose is long enough to reach by itself:

Gas hose

And this is where the propane tank will sit on the hitch:

Tank position

And then I went back and sealed up the opening:

Gas opening

Next, I’m insulating the walls and putting in the bathroom walls.

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5 Responses to Tiny House Rough In Plumbing

  1. MartyNo Gravatar says:

    You might want to leave that “plumbing” accessible behind access doors or something. Clamps and garden hose connections seem destined for leaks down the years, and it may save a lot of wall-ripping to have that assembly easily available for repairs.

  2. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, I was planning to put a panel in the wall in front of the main connection. The rest will be out of the wall anyway. I’ll be sure and show what I end up with.

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  4. hazelNo Gravatar says:

    LOVE this house! Where does the used shower water go? just into the yard?

  5. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Hazel, it can go into the yard or it can be collected and used for irrigation somewhere more convenient.

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