Tiny House Sketchup Drawing

Michael Janzen at Tiny House Design has posted an extremely useful series on how to draw a tiny house in SketchUp.

In part one, he posted his base trailer file in a comment. The trailer he used is a 20 foot trailer. The one I used is a 16 foot trailer so I redrew it.

I checked the manufacturer specs so that it has the exact dimensions from the axles to each end. Those dimensions (and for other lengths) are here:

Big Tex Trailers (pdf)

I’m posting the 16 foot trailer SketchUp file here for anyone that would like it. Just click the image below.

Or click here: http://www.austintinyhouse.com/16_foot_trailer.skp

I’ll also post it in the comments on Michael’s site. There’s also a cut list plugin linked to in the comments of that post too.

I’ll be doing a complete SketchUp for the tiny house I’m finishing up over the next few weeks.

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