Tiny House Wall Framing Sketchup

Here’s a screen shot of the progress I’ve made on the Sketchup.

You’ll notice I have spare lumber pieces next to the house. I found it easier to copy and paste boards that were already oriented the way I want them.

Sketchup Wall Framing

I’d find it a lot easier to move around and measure an actual model. If you’d like to work with this model, the file is here:


One caveat is that you ought to measure your trailer before cutting boards. An inch here, an inch there, and everything could get off.

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2 Responses to Tiny House Wall Framing Sketchup

  1. The house drawing is looking great!

    Might want to noodle over the support over the wheels. The porch floor should also be lower than the interior floor to prevent rain water from spilling inside. I made some quick edits to the sketchup file and will email to you directly.

    Again, great work!

  2. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks, Michael. I’ll definitely do those changes for next time.

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