Trends: Recycle Revolution

We met in Dallas at Recycle Revolution for this class.

This one didn’t have much to do with real estate either but it was still an interesting trend. This facility is a recycling facilitator rather than a recycling facility themselves.

Their business model is to charge companies to haul away their recyclables which include just about everything. The idea is if you’re going to pay a waste disposal company to come pick up your trash, why not pay a little less to have it picked up as recycling instead.

They also facilitate the recycling of hard to recycle items like electronics, glass and even toilets. They consult on other projects like LEED construction waste management and zero waste businesses.

The owner is a great guy and wants to see how this model can scale. Right now they’re primarily serving the downtown Dallas area though they can service anywhere in the DFW area though they might charge extra for mileage. If you’re close enough, you can drop off household items too.

The next thing he wants to do is use synergistic approaches to community building. He was showing us a diagram that would integrate a community center, his business, composting and local schools in a particular Dallas neighborhood. It sounded like a good permaculture system though he didn’t mention that specifically.

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