Trim and Paint

Adding the trim to the tiny house was pretty straightforward. I mitered most of the boards at a 45 degree angle to fit together in the corners.

I decided to use baseboards for the long 135 degree wall-ceiling connections to keep it simple. I used triangle shaped pieces for the 90 degree wall-ceiling connections. I used a wider piece for the top of the ceiling because there was a gap that wasn’t even completely covered by it.

I painted it all white as a finish coat or for a base to paint a new color. I’ll be including a few paint supplies with the tiny house.

In this picture, in addition to laying out the trim on the floor, I’m showing the way to install almost anything with one person: you put your nails in far enough to hold and then you can hammer with one hand while holding it up with the other.

Floor Trim

The next two pictures are the 90 degree trim:

Nook Trim

Living room trim

This picture shows how I taped around the ceiling. I painted all the trim white too.

Living room taping

And this last picture is the storage area. Maybe you can see a little of the gap I was talking about between the trim and the adjoining ceiling panels. I ended up using baseboard for the angles too to fill in the gaps there.

While I don’t like the gap, it only shows above the storage and I wasn’t sure of an elegant way to fix it without drawing more attention to it. Probably I should have tried to cut the ceiling panels more straight (with a table saw instead of a jig saw).

Anyway, that’s why I’ve priced the house at $15K instead of $20K.

Completed storage

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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