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Welcome to Austin Tiny House. Thanks for visiting.

If you’re new to the tiny house concept, it’s mostly been about living more simply (getting rid of huge TVs, huge living spaces, huge mortgages, etc.), and reducing our environmental impact. Obviously your heating and cooling bills would be much less with 100 sq ft (9.3 sqm) versus an average house of 1500-2500 sq ft.

Thus far, most of the tiny houses being built are fairly up scale. Yes, they’re beautiful but they’re not affordable for most people. Yes, $50,000 is more affordable than $250,000 but the difference is that it’s a fairly straightforward process to get a mortgage. With a $50,000 tiny house… well, is it a house, a mobile home, an RV? If you can’t get a traditional mortgage, $50,000 isn’t as affordable.

Enter Austin Tiny House. Our goal is to make tiny houses affordable for the people who most want them – the first time homebuyer, the investor, the established family wanting a spare room for an aging parent. Few of those folks have an extra $50,000 laying around.

We bring the costs down by using mostly conventional building supplies. While we make them one at a time, we’re sticking with mainstream building supplies and methods as much as possible.

We like plug and play. Pull the trailer to your backyard, plug in the extension cord and garden hose and you’re set. No custom cabinets. No handmade windows. No fancy wood paneling. Simple, effective and affordable. No permits or special hookups required.

In upcoming posts, we’ll look at different building considerations for small buildings, green building, investing and other topics relevant to building or owning a tiny house. We’ll announce when we complete and list individual tiny houses.

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7 Responses to Welcome to Austin Tiny House

  1. EllieNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I just found your website and it looks fairly new. Your idea sounds great to me – making the tiny houses more affordable, especially because I’m still in high school and my dream is to live in a Tumbleweed House. I graduate this year but I definitely don’t have $50,000.
    I’ll keep watching! (:

  2. DeeNo Gravatar says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. I would be interested in buying/selling these houses! Continued Success! Dee

  3. tinaNo Gravatar says:

    I’m planning to move to colorado in August and I’m searching for a solution to the high cost of moving and rent. I looked into buying a trailer, and having home depot build a shed on it. I’d need to hire a plunber and electritian, but at 5K it’s still cheaper than any RV that runs. I agree that the 50K price tag defeats the purpose of a tiny house considering mortgage. I live in Austin and would love to stop by to see your product.

  4. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Tina. I’ve moved from Austin to go to grad school. All I have is the instructional videos. Good luck with your move.

  5. Kathy NormanNo Gravatar says:

    Looking fr a tiny house affordable for retiring on a grasshopper retirement.

  6. Kathy NormanNo Gravatar says:

    Looking for ideas for buying a place in the central Texas area on a limited budget. Coop? land share?

  7. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Kathy, I’m not in contact with anyone doing that. I have seen there are a couple of co-housing groups around if you google that.

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